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Hello there and welcome to my dash c:
I post all sorts of crap, including NSFW and Gore so beware o 3 o
Hah.. anyway, enjoy! And please don't be scared to send me a message on or off annon, i'd be happy to answer :3


Weeks ago, I drafted a post about feeling pretty. I still have to finish it and once I do it will all make sense. I’m putting the horse before the barrel (is that the saying?) and jumping into my whole brand spanking new series of posts I’m going to do on self care.

I’ve basically had it…


Cellulite is super cute. If you have cellulite, you’re super cute. If you don’t have cellulite…well, you’re still super cute.

What isn’t cute is shaming other peoples’ bodies over something perfectly natural.


It’s okay to not like your family.

It’s okay to want to end relationships with your family.

It’s okay to create a new family with other people who love and accept you.

You do not owe your family anything.

You owe yourself peace of mind and a healthy living environment. But you do not owe them shit.

Take care of yourself


I know that myself and a couple people on this website often struggle with self-care or just simply forget to take care of themselves, so here are a couple reminders:

  • Have you eaten a proper meal today? At least one? If not go make yourself at least a small snack to eat.
  • How much water have…


I hate how self sacrifice for children is applauded.
Do not sacrifice every part if yourself to be a mother.
Take your shower first.
Eat your sandwich.
Get a plate of fruit before you sit to nurse them.
Pee. Don’t keep holding it in because you’ll end up with a damn uti.

Being a…


PTSD, traumatic memories, abuse, scars, eating disorders, phobias, delusions, anxiety, body image issues, gender or other dysmorphia…there are plenty of reasons that for some people, naked is HARD. And forced to confront your naked body directly enough to clean it is HARDER. But life doesn’t have…


If you’re looking for a sign not to hurt yourself tonight,

If you’re looking for a sign telling you to eat something (even a little),

If you’re looking for a sign to not purge your food tonight,

If you’re looking for someone to tell you they love you,


A few months ago I made this post with wintry animals, but now it is summertime and here are some summer-loving animals checking in on you! be good to yourselves! :)